Aviator Heritage Anchorage

The Alaska Aviation Museum is located on Lake Hood Seaplane Base in Anchorage, Alaska. Its mission since 1988, is to preserve, display, and honor Alaska's aviation heritage, by preserving and displaying historic aircraft, artifacts, and memorabilia, and to foster public interest in aviation and its history. The museum has over thirty aircraft on display, a restoration hangar, flight simulators, two theatres, and a Hall of Fame. It provides an emphasis on historic aircraft , aviation artifacts, and memorabilia that contributed to the development and progress of aviation in Alaska, including Bush flying, and the WWII Army base on Adak Island. *Wikipedia

“The splendor of the wilderness is matched with challenges. Weather information is scarce, aircraft need to be maintained with minimal equipment, fuel is carefully monitored, and mountain flying knowledge is crucial. The nearest source for weather information was Bettles. However, at our remote location we had no satellite phone and no cell service, so we could not call them for a briefing. While Alaska has 179 weather cams around the state, including one at Anaktuvuk Pass (an hour north, to which we flew several times), we could not access them, as we had no Internet. So, when weather was marginal, the chief pilot would take off in one of the smaller airplanes to take a look at the conditions. He would fly toward Bettles, if conditions allowed, contact Bettles 10 miles out for a briefing, and bring us back the report.”

*Kathy Dondzila: Flight Training magazine, "ALASKA: The Ultimate Flight Training Environment" Lake Hood Seaplane Base is located on Lakes Hood and Spenard three miles southwest of the Anchorage, Alaska. It is a state-owned seaplane base operating continuously open to the public. Lake Hood is the world's busiest seaplane base, handling an average of 190 flights per day.

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