Cannonball Durango


“ Y O U  M E E T  T H E  N I C E S T  P E O P L E  O N  A N T I Q U E  M O T O R C Y C L E S ”

SunshineChapter_AMCA_logoCannonball Motorcycle Endurance Run

Pueblo to Durango, Colorado

Tuesday, September 20 Stage 10 (264 miles)

Official Start Times for Classes I, II, III; Hampton Inn & Suites--Southgate 11:00 AM Hosted Lunch; Cole Park, Alamosa, Colorado Finish Times for Classes III, II, II; Durango Harley-Davidson, Durango, Colorado

I-25 south to HWY 160 West to Alamos for lunch stop at Cole Park, Alamos then it's off to climb Wolf Creek Pass from the top descent to Pagosa Springs. Finally Stage 10 ends at Durango Harley Davidson in Durango, Co.


The Cannonball motorcycles have climbed Wolf Creek Pass and safely descended the 5000 feet into Pagosa Springs with out any problems. Along the route, several of the smaller bikes could be seen pedaling in the extreme righthand lane while others holding throttles wide-open labored to top. At the top some riders stopped for a picture in front of the Wolf Creek Pass sign while others continued to motor pass to take on the steep downhill descent. Sweeping curves dropping 5000-foot in elevation, the riders used engine compression rather then burning up the brakes to safely ride into Pagosa Springs where many gassed up for the run to Durango. At the top of the 11,000-foot pass, the temperatures plunged into the 40's with many riders "layering up" before proceeding on. As we ride down the mountain the temperature rises with the drop in elevation. Pagoda Springs in considered "High" desert with very low humidity which means there is limited moisture in the air to hold heat so as the sun drops into Western horizon, temperature drops as well. Arriving in Durango, the Cannonball'ers are greeted with cheering crowds at  Durango Harley Davidson where a sponsored dinner was provided. Upon arriving at the AMCA, I meet the local volunteer who extends a welcomed Durango handshake. I am very impressed with the AMCA volunteers who sometimes travel long distances to stay over night to "man" the AMCA booth.

Stage 10 Standings

The Stage 10 Cannonball Run time has been extended 1 1/2 hours due to stoppage at rad construction sites. Dean's Class I remains in 1st Place with another perfect score. The Henderson's are still ruling the top ten with the Norton and Sunbeam continuing to proudly represent the British contingency.  Harley Davidson and Indians continue to proud their merit as powerful motorcycles. Several of the light weight entries has dropped out due to catastrophic engine failures, clutches and such. It is believed that the light-weight motorcycle cycles are not built strong enough to make the difficult task of a run across country covering over 250+ miles per day. The attrition for these light motorcycles began as soon as the Cannonball'ers hit the Appalachian/ Allegheny Mountains. The steep of the eastern mountains were totally mis-understood as most seemed to be concentrating on Wolf Creek Pass. Day 2 leaving York traveling across western Maryland the bikes started their climbs. The elevations are not as high but the grades were steeper with many down hills ending at stop signs which prevented the motorcycles from getting a running start up the next hill. This rigorous demand was an OMG moment for a lot of the singles. Stranded on the eastern hills, many bikes needed a push or tow over the top. The demands upon the engines combined with the extreme heat caused a lot of problems for the singles/singles. The climbs in the Rockies were longer at higher elevations but were not as steep and not as hot. Wolf Creek Pass was an accomplishment for all the bikes.

The only Class 1 motorcycles still in the running everyday are Dean Bordogioni's 1914 Harley Davidson and Alex Trepanier's 1912 Indian that indicates these manufacturers probably built heavier duty motorcycles that can with stand the rigors of the demand.

Norm's 1911 Reading Standard and Steve's 1913 Class III Douglas have not made the Wolf Creek Pass day. Norm's Reading Standard suffered a crankshaft pin failure for the second time. There is no replacement or repair this time which has sadly ended his Cannonball Run. He and his team have elected to continue on California to celebrate their accomplishment.

Joe Gimpel's 1913 Thor is still running as Joe is able to continue to repair it, but Joe chose not to ride Wolf Creek Pass.

Stage 10 Top Ten Cannonball Motorcycles

#13 Class I 1914   Harley Davidson Dean Bordigioni #49 Class II 1912  Henderson Frank Westfall #32 Class II 1913  Henderson Byrne Bramwell #5   Class II 1913   Henderson Jeff Tiernan #56 Class II 1914   Harley Davidson Victor Boocock

#14 Class II 1914   Henderson Vern Acres #77 Class II 1915   Norton Richard Asprey (*Highest rank British bike) #2   Class III 1915  Harley Davidson Steve DeCosa"

#66 Class III 1915  Harley Davidson Ben Brown #63 Class III 1915  Harley Davidson Erik Bahl

Team Thor Losers

Dan Kraft #72 with his brother Todd Kraft, owners of Kraft Body Shop, California are "Thor Losers."

Dan suffered a motorcycle crash while test riding his 1913 Thor which left him with limited vision in his right eye.

Dan. "The Thor Pirate" wears a metal eye patch with his #72 Cannonball number.

#72 Class II 1913 Thor Dan Kraft

#71 Class II 1914 Thor Todd Kraft


The Antique Motorcycle Club of America in the Cannonball As a major sponsor of the Cannonball Run, the Antique Motorcycle Club of America has a booth at most lunch and all evening stops where free literature and items related to the AMCA are offered o anyone who sows interest. The volunteers are doing a great job arriving on time, setting up the booth and promoting the AMCA. I am glad to see the AMCA presence in the Cannonball, as in the past there has been on AMCA presence. Considering that most Cannonball riders and Support Team are AMCA members, the Cannonball Run seems like a natural place for the AMCA to be present. For the 2016 Cannonball, Keith Kizer, AMCA Executive Director had the insight to make a connection with Jason Sims, Cannonball Events Director who expressed an interest in having the AMCA involved. Jason is currently the Vice President of the Black Hills Chapter in Sturgis. Both men saw the opportunity to bring the AMCA presence in the Cannonball Run. Jason is very supportive of the AMCA. Living in the Sturgis area gives Jason a unique opportunity to create an AMCA event in Sturgis. Sturgis with one of the oldest and largest motorcycle events in the country is amazingly void of antique motorcycles activities. Jason wants to change that and is looking at developing something different for the antique motorcycle enthusiasts in the South Dakota area. Currently the AMCA is a major sponsor of the Cannonball Run, investing several thousands of dollars gives the AMCA the rights to set up an organizational booth at the lunch and dinner stops. The Cannonball organization has agreed to carry the AMCA 10x10 canopy and two boxes of literature in their vendor van driven by "Coach." There is limited space the van, so the AMCA volunteers are very careful to keep the needed space to a minimum. Coach and his helper, “9 Toes John” have been very helpful working with the AMCA volunteers. The volunteers are local Chapter members who responded to Keith’s request for volunteers in the AMCA magazine. The fact the many of volunteers travel long distances staying over-night to man the booth is a statement of how much the AMCA members love to support the organization. After having a conversation with Keith, the AMCA is currently assessing the "Bang for the Buck" investment it has made in the Cannonball Run. Exposure and an opportunity to build membership is worth quite a lot but it has yet to be determined what the future will look like. Decisions and suggested improvements will be considered as Keith reviews the experience. I would like to take this moment to give a big thank you to Keith for his vision and support for what we as the AMCA are doing to grow into the future. Who knows what the future could bring.  




Traveling the Cannonball representing the Antique Motorcycle Club of America

Sailing with fair winds on following seas... Captain Blood

Travels with Captain Blood & AIRHEAD "Betty"

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