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“ Y O U  M E E T  T H E  N I C E S T  P E O P L E  O N  A N T I Q U E  M O T O R C Y C L E S ”

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Monday, September 19

Stage 9 (272 miles)

Official Start Times for Classes I, II, III; Comfort Suites, Dodge City, KS Finish Times for Classes III, II, I; Courtyard, Pueblo, CO Safety is a very serious concern for the Cannonball Organization and the Riders. Traveling along the route on modern motorcycles is highly discouraged as modern motorcycles mixing with 100 plus yer old motorcycles that are unstable, slow and bearing have any brake is a formula for a serious situation. If a disc brake motorcycle which slows very rapidly at intersections and stop signs, the following Cannonball motorcycle is struggling to stop which could result in a serious crash. Enthusiastic motorcycling spectators should avoid riding with the old bikes. No one wants a serious situation to occur. So enjoy the Century Motorcycles at a distance to help the Cannonball continue across the country celebrating the motorcycle heritage. Stage 9 covers 272 miles from Dodge City, Kansas to Pueblo, Colorado basically following US Highway 50 passing through  the Garden City area. Crossing the Colorado state-line, the Cannonball moved on to Mountain Time Zone (MTZ) and the Rocky Mountains. Stage 10 in the Rockies should be very interesting. Garden City, Kansas "IN COLD BLOOD" Truman Capote author of In Cold Blood, wrote a postcard to Sheriff Wendle Meier and his wife Josie of Garden City, Kansas postmarked November 22, 1960 while Capote was in the thick of writing In Cold Blood. Capote was attempting to research the two murders, Perry Smith and Richard Hickok, killers of the Clutter family that were jailed from their capture in January 1960 until their transfer to the Kansas State Penitentiary in April 1960 following their trial, conviction, and sentencing to death by hanging.
According to historical records, the jailhouse in Garden City at the time was small, just six cells, but they wanted the boys separated before the trial, so Smith was kept in the cell for female prisoners, which was adjacent to the kitchen in the sheriff's apartment on the fourth floor of the jailhouse.
Truman Capote's novel In Cold Blood was a bestseller is non-fictional story of quadruple murder in rural Kansas. When Capote learned of the quadruple murder, before the killers were captured, he decided to travel to Kansas and write about the crime. The Novel IN Cold Blood was published in 1966 becoming an instant success, and today is the second-biggest-selling true crime book in publishing history, behind Vincent Bugliosi's 1974 book Helter Skelter about the Manson murders. On November 16, 1959, The New York Times published an account of the murders, which began:
Holcomb, Kan., Nov. 15 [1959] (UPI) — A wealthy wheat farmer, his wife and their two young children were found shot to death today in their home. They had been killed by shotgun blasts at close range after being bound and gagged... There were no signs of a struggle, and nothing had been stolen. The telephone lines had been cut. —The New York Times
"We're not in Kansas anymore! Dorothy" As the Cannonball'ers travel across the country, they are continuously riding through some very historical towns and cities. Team RS Suffering a catastrophic lost today blowing the engine with crankshaft failure in the 1911 Reading Standard. The failure has ended Norm Nelson's Cannonball Run. Team RS is packing up and heading home in the morning. The lost is a blow to the North Florida group from the Historic Motorcycle Society, Norm has spent countless hours and money in preparation of his 1911 Reading Standard. We are proud of his accomplishments and very sad to see Team RS have to leave the Cannonball. The Cannonball'ers...

#109 Class I 1912 Indian Alex Trepanier

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Texas Team White Trash 

John Neuman "Numo"

#99 Class III 1916 Harley Davidson

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Numo's 1916 Harley Davidson


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