Cannonball Run “Rest, Relax & Repair”


“ Y O U  M E E T  T H E  N I C E S T  P E O P L E  O N  A N T I Q U E  M O T O R C Y C L E S ”

SunshineChapter_AMCA_logoCannonball Motorcycle Endurance Run 

September 19, 2016

Rest, Relax and Repair

The morning brings out the teams to get an early start on the chores. Bikes are rolled out of trailers, portable machine shops are firing up, engines being pulled for inspections and repairs, cylinders horned and cleaned, tires and tubes changed, broken spokes replaced, gas tank cleaned, oil changed, the list seems endless. Some Team members are busy in the hotel rooms updating photos and blogs while others are using the laundry washing oily jeans and such.  Walking about the team area, I see many are just hanging out visiting with friends, talking motorcycles, laughing, drinking coffee enjoying the beautiful weather of west Kansas. As the day rolls to noon, the sun is high in the blue sky shining down upon the Cannonball'ers who are busy with activities of the Parking Lot. 09172016_cb-73 Mike Carson is sitting with friends sharing stories with a big Texas smile enjoying the camaraderie of the Cannonball.  Big Steve Alexander is seen sitting with Mike talking about the Douglas. 09172016_cb-72

Wes Connelly is tearing down the Douglas's engine apart to inspect and replace a main bearing.

Out of nowhere a shadow appears someone who is blocking the sun, big Texan Cherokee Chip enters sitting in the "Pink" chair introducing himself with a big handshake. Out of nowhere a shadow appears blocking the sun, the big Texan Cherokee Chip chip sits in a "Pink" chair introducing himself  to me. Chip said something about some members being down at the "All You Can Eat, Lobster Dinner for $10" restaurant in town.




Shelby sighting in Team Carson's rolling machine shop

While visiting Camp Carson, people are continuously stopping by to talk. Team Australia, Steve DeCosa stops for a chat. Steve is riding a Class III 1915 Harley Davidson running in the Top Ten at 10th. His wife who is volunteering at the T-Shirt Trailer with Coach, is handing out Koalas to provide a riding partner while it stares at you from the handlebars. Hey there, Mate! Having several Aussie friends I can say that I enjoy them all with their friendly way, a big sense of humor and funky accent! In Australia, they tell you "everything can kill you, but in New Zealand nothing can!" A former penal colony, Australia is known for living large. The Aussie's love to party and bang their heads into each others,  In 2012 while riding a BMW to Alaska, I rode for several weeks with Australians couple, Brian and Shirley who had traveled from the tip of South America, Teirra del Fuego. It was the second (2) of three (3) World Trips for Brian and Shirley. My Aussie mates traveled with me to Dead Horse Camp at Prudhoe Bay where Brian being the dedicated Aussie he is stripped to his underpants to swim in Prudhoe Bay. Now that's what being an Aussie is about! The fact that Steve DeCosa is riding a Class III 1915 Harley Davidson to a "Top Ten" ranking is a statement of the toughness of Aussies. Good day, Mate!

Steve DeCosa


#39 Class III 1914 Indian ridden by Linda Monahan


Doug Wothke


#112 1913 Sears ridden by Wooldsridge & Kurtz


#22 Class III Excelsior ridden by Jeff Lauritsen



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Poverty Rider Captain Blood traveling Steerage on the Cannonball Run

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