Cannonball Run Resting in Dodge City


“ Y O U  M E E T T H E  N I C E S T  P E O P L E  O N  A N T I Q U E  M O T O R C Y C L E S ”

Antique Motorcycle Club of America / Sunshine Chapter



Dodge City

Mecca of Motorcycling Racing

Dodge City 300

1914 Dodge City 300 - "The Coyote Classic

The inaugural Dodge City 300 was held on July 4, 1914 on a 2-mile oval dirt track located northeast of town.   This was an officially sanctioned event of the FAM (Federation of American Motorcyclist) and all the usual manufacturer backed teams were present including  Indian, Excelsior, Pope, Thor, Flying Merkel and for the first time Harley-Davidson.” ... Panhead Jim

The Dodge City 300 The Company Harley Davidson had actually Arthur Davidson had publicly stood against motorcycle racing but things were changing as sales in competing manufacturer had sharpely increased due the growing popularity of motorcycle racing. Being successful businessman, the Harley men recognized the need to built race motorcycles. The Dodge City 300 became the racing debut for Harley. Hiring builder Bill Ottoway (Thor Motorcycles) to tune the V-Twin 11-K Harley. Two Harley's racers made it across the finish line finishing in the back of the pack. The victorious 8 valve Indian was ridden by Glenn Boyd with the Bill Ottawa tuned Thor motorcycle finishing 2nd. S.A. “MAC” Stauffer and INDIAN MOTORCYCLES … Larry Burke Larry Burke, AMCA member from Greesnburg, KS has researched and produced two notable pieces of literature describing Dodge City and the Kansas Legend S. A> “MAC” Stauffer. Researching the web and the Dodge City Newspaper, “The Daily Globe” Larry has put together a nice piece of historical information. Larry first met “Mac” when as a youngster growing up in western Kansas. Larry describes his father as “kind of a old time hoarder” collecting engines, machinery, wagons and motorcycles. Traveling with his father across the western states attending farm sales, the father and son team rolled into Dodge City bring them to a white rundown building that housed old motorcycles on it’s dirty concrete floor where Larry first met S. A. “MAC “Stauffer, motorcycle proprietor extraordinaire. MAC’s shop contained collections of parts and pieces of old motorcycles. A vertical Twin Indian still in the crate, Norton’s, Triumph’s, Knuckle Harleys and Indian Chiefs filled MAC’s little shop. Larry tells the story that MAC sold his father his first Indian Scout back in the 20’s. MAC Stauffer was featured in Cycle Magazine May, 1972




Team RS Chris Alley & Jack Wells


Volunteer AMCA Chapter member Dennis Thank you for supporting the Cannonball


Pulling the head on the 1911 Reading Standard


It's a "TOUGH" single 1911 Reading Standard Congratulations Team RS


"Now this is a WRENCH..." Crocodile Dungee!


Consultant Van Singley is offering some of his expertise to Team RS. Van is the MAN! Retired from Ducati North America, BMW and HONDA, he has motorcycle friends everywhere. To travel to motorcycle events is like traveling with a "Motorcycle Rockstar". It seems everyone knows VAN.


Team RS is changing a burnt piston

09172016_cb-37 The Morning Parking Lot Scene

#56 Class II 1914 Harley Davidson placing 5th Rider - Victor Boocock


Class II 1912 Excelsior Mark Loewen


Class II 1913 Excelsior William Story


Class III #95 1916 Harley Davidson Vinnie Grasser

09172016_cb-8 09172016_cb-10 09172016_cb-12 09172016_cb-15 09172016_cb-16 Team North Texas Norton

09172016_cb-20Team North Texas Norton's # 77 1915 Norton

is the

highest ranked British Team in the Standings placing 8th with Perfect Score

Team North Texas Norton's Class II # 77 1915 Norton is the highest ranked British Team in the Standings placing 8th with Perfect Score. Richard is a funny loving Englishman who having moving to the Dallas area several years ago realized a “Oh my god, I’m not alone…” moment when he noticed several British enthusiasts riding in the Dallas area. After a night of purchasing the last “Most Expensive” on the menu at a local Bistro, he is enjoying his day off while Chief Master Mechanic Keith Martin, owner of BIG D Motorcycles in Dallas supervises the Support Team. Richard laughed while saying “the Cannonball is an eclectic group, you never who you’re sitting next, it could be a rocket scientist or a garage Gear-Head and you never know who has the best answer!” Taking me over to view the “Parts” Department, in the trailer I see a second complete Norton (1923) that is used for parts. Richard said, when we were thinking about parts, we decided why not build a complete 2nd Norton. They can use everything from this “Parts” bike except for the engine. We know according to the “Rules” you cannot change the engine. Good Luck to Richard, Keith and Team Norton
  • Rider/Owner: Richard Asprey
  • Support Team: Keith Martin, Owner of Big D Motorcycles, Dallas Texas

Keith Martin of BIG "D" Motorcycles


Richard enjoying his day off

1915 Norton09172016_cb-23 09172016_cb-25 THE PARTS DEPARTMENT 


A Sturmey Archer three speed AW gear, the most common kind of Sturmey Archer gear Sturmey-Archer is a manufacturing company originally from Nottingham, England. It primarily produces bicycle hub gears but has also produced motorcycle hubs. The company was founded in 1902 by Henry Sturmey (1857–1930) and James Archer under the guidance of Frank Bowden, the primary owner of the Raleigh Bicycle Company     ....From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
09172016_cb-2709172016_cb-26 09172016_cb-29 09172016_cb-32 DOC's Harley Davidson  W2709 State Highway 29 | Bonduel, WI 54107 Located just 18 miles west of Green Bay on Highway 2909172016_cb-42 09172016_cb-43 09172016_cb-44  

Sailing with fair winds on following seas... Captain Blood

Representing the Antique Motorcycle Club of America 

Poverty Rider Captain Blood traveling Steerage on the Cannonball Run

Supporting Cast of Characters



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