Cannonball Run Stage 16: The Finish Tacoma

Cannonball Run Stage 16: The Finish The Checkered Flag fell today as the 2014 Cannonball Motorcycle Endurance Run finished at Tacoma, Washington. The participants riding pre-1937 motorcycles completed the approximately 4000 miles across the USA. The overall top finishers with perfect scores came from Class 1 under 700cc included 1924 Indian & 1928 BMW R52. The journey covered 10 states with 17 stops. The riders and Support Teams worked every evening  wrenching in the parking lots, changing fluids, repairing and rebuilding. It's been a great experience. Tremendous way to see the width of our beautiful country.

Remembering the Ride

Rain in Florida, heat in Georgia, Coker Tennessee, Mississippi River town on the Cape, Cold north winds in Kansas, Snow in Colorado, Utah Heat, Salty Nevada, Hell's in Idaho , Washington blazing sun wheat fields,

 The mighty Ohio, Mississippi, Missouri and Columbia Rivers

Bonneville Salt Flats, Joe nurse his R75/5, Van checking his gas mileage while watching his diminishing tire, Kenny, Marcus & the Knullheads Choppers Boys, Copper Top tipping over, Photographers riding backwards 

The ride across America


Mount Rainier

Tacoma-59 Tacoma-41 The Finish at Le May America's Car MuseumTacoma-77Tacoma-71 The Seattle CosacksTacoma-91The End of the Day Report It's been a great ride. Met a lot of great people along the way. Everyone arrived in one piece. Word from Chattanooga is Brian is recovering well  from his accident. Bittersweet ending, everyone is tired and glad to be heading home but sorry that it has come to the end. Van is should  be arriving in Cupertino then back home. Joe is leaving this morning. I'm staying in the area for a couple more days then heading southeast to Utah. I will continue to post stories and pictures of the return ride. Now the weather reporter is calling for possible wet weather in the Pacific Northwest. Be safe and hoist one for the group.

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  1. THANK You so much for the wonderful posts. Great pictures and writing. We enjoyed these a whole lot. Obviously, lots of effort went into each and every one of them.

    Karl & Lisa

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