Cannonball “The Grand Canyon”


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Cannonball Motorcycle Endurance Run 

The Grand Canyon

Thursday, September 22 Stage 12 (195 miles)09222016_cb-10-2-edit

Official Start Times for Classes I, II, III; Holiday Inn Express Finish Times for Classes III, II, I; Holiday Inn Express, Williams, Arizona

The Cannonball'ers leave Page, Arizona

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Heavy Rains sweep through...

09222016_cb-1-2 Clear beautiful Arizona Skies follow...

The Grand Canyon

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Heading south from the Grand Canyon


Mike Podger


“eh! how you doing, eh!”


Podge relaxing at dinner with Micheal Lichter

Mike Podger, a Canadian motorcycle enthusiast is traveling on the Cannonball as Doug Jone's Support Driver and assistant.  Known to his friends as "Podge", I first met him in a motel parking lot in Rhinebeck, New York. I was attending the AMCA National in Rhinebeck with some friends.  Typical of a Poverty Rider, I was sleeping in a friends van as I didn't have a motel room. Emerging from the van at day break, Podge was standing next to his truck. When he asked why I was sleeping in the van, he offered to share his spare bed in his room. Thus started my friendship with Podge. Podge is a collector of beautiful antique motorcycles. He claims that his wife is “the collector, he just finds them.” During the trip, we shared a room both at Rhinebeck and the AMCA National Road Run in Keene, New Hampshire. Other friends, Doug, Joe and Roy had met Podge at a Kick-Start Classis out of Maggie Valley. Podge was riding a Knucklehead that had broken down on the side of he road. AMCA Smokey Mountain Chapter members Jake who drove support for Doug Jones on the 2014 Cannonball, and Roy stopped to help Podge and his motorcycle. The problem was in the electronic ignition. Afterwards Podge who was on an AMCA Meet tour ran into Roy meeting his friend, Doug Jones. On night in Keene, Podge mentioned his always wanted to own a Vincent Rapide,  Joe immediately called Carl, a Pennsylvanian friend who has a rather large collection of motorcycles. Another connection to the circle of friends for Podge was made as after the Keene Road Run, he left driving to Pennsylvania to purchase his lifelong dream a Norton Rapide. Podge bought the Vincent as well as a beautiful Triumph Bonneville but more importantly Podge was being connected to a large group of motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors. Four years ago, Podge moved to eastern Canadian from British Columbia when he retired from his heavy timber equipment company. Podge wanted to retire while his wife, Jackie landed a job as the Vice President of Admissions and Finance at University of Prince Edwards Island. Now living on Prince Edwards Island, in the Maritime Providence of Canada, Podge has a growing antique motorcycle collection. Currently Podge has 9 motorcycles including a 1915 Pope, 1931 Cushman, 1968 Triumph Bonneville (99 points AMCA point bike), 1928 Harley Davidson JDU (99.5 AMCA point bike), 1947 Vincent Rapide B currently being restored to original quality, 1927 BMW R42, 1926 Pea Shooter 350cc Harley Davidson and a 2008 Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle Road King with a 124cc S&S engine. Podge recently sold a 97 AMCA Point Harley Davidson Knucklehead motorcycle. Not to be left out, Jackie has a 1981 Honda CT110. Podge has always loved motorcycle. As a 12 year old, Mike worked a newspaper route saving enough money to by his first motorcycle. Podge's mother was adamantly against motorcycles so he kept the bike at a friend's house. Podge was sold on motorcycles that would be in his life forever. Podge is a high mileage rider with over 110,000km on his Road King. He feels that AMCA Road Runs are his way to ride a motorcycle. Podge wants an Indian. When asked which model, Podge says, “a Indian Four and /or a Chief.”  Being motorcycle crazy his entire life, Podge is continuously searching for the right motorcycle. Podge is currently driving support and assisting Doug Jones with his Indian. Doug says that it has been great having Podge to help. The 2016 Cannonball is Podge’s first. He feels that everyone on the Cannonball is 1st class. He expresses that the key to success is staying organized. “From time to time, it is more then I expected. Success is due to Doug’s preparation.” Doug's Indian is doing well with Podge's help it is a great Team! The Cannonball "Buzz" Stage 1: John Pfeifer suffers catastrophic fire when a rod broke loose slamming into the gas tank causing the gas to leak over the hot engine and exhaust. Stage 2: Scott Jabobs suffers motorcycle crash resulting in injury to his shoulder. Scott ends up in the hospital. Stage 10: Mike Carson is taken ill and admitted to overnight hospital stay. Mike has been released and is taking it easy recuperating as he travels on the Cannonball. Stage 10: #1 Plate Hans Courtse suffers internal complications which results in extended hospital stay. Hans hopes to get out in time to make it to California.

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Sailing with fair winds on following seas... Captain Blood

Travels with Captain Blood & AIRHEAD "Betty"

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