Cannonball Stage 7 “RAIN”


“ Y O U  M E E T  T H E  N I C E S T  P E O P L E  O N  A N T I Q U E  M O T O R C Y C L E S ”

Antique Motorcycle Club of America / Sunshine Chapter

SunshineChapter_AMCA_logoStage 7 -235 miles


Wichita, Kansas

Finish: Oz Motorcycle Museum, Augusta, Kansas 5:30 PM Parc Fermé closes, Twisted Oz Motorcycle Museum Wichita Marriott, Wichita, Kansas

Today was about heavy rains which began within an hour after the morning start in Springfield, Missouri the Cannonball quickly headed in to some serious rain. Checking the weather map on the iPhone showed a Green and Red blob of BAD weather. Reaching Parson's for lunch was riding in a deluge of rain, flooding, lightning and rain. Ditches overflowed onto the streets and the danger of hydroplane was very real Magneto's don't function very well in this type of weather, Engines sputtering fouling and quoting in blinding rain was a formula for disaster. At end lunch the Cannonball Officials gave the group good news that if you made it to lunch then you will earn all the daily points. Stage 6 of the Cannonball was called. Many riders chose to wait out the weather while some continued on to Wichita Marriott. With Teams and Riders arriving throughout the evening, the Parking Lot was busy into the night. The sponsored evening dinner was provided by the "Twisted OZ Motorcycle Museum." Reports are very positive as this was the best sponsored dinner yet. The Wichita Marriott was by far the best accommodation on the trip. A welcomed comfortable bed waited for many of the exhausted riders.

The Morning Start: 09162016_cb-12 09162016_cb-13 09162016_cb-14 09162016_cb-17 09162016_cb-24

Nurse "Spitfire"

Wisconsin's Nurse "Spitfire" is traveling on her second Cannonball as the "Traveling Nurse" who ride along the route checking on the riders  and administering medical attention when necessary. Vickie is a trained nurse who is offering her service in her areas of love, Motorcycling. Living with her husband, Tony 'Panhead' with 3 daughters and 9 grandchildren, Vickie travels across the country attending motorcycle events as the Motorcycling Nurse. Founder of Accident Sense Management Road Guardians, Vickie is ver busy traveling and managing her website, blog and multiple Facebook accounts. Vickie 's Facebook friends reached Facebook's limit of 7000 friends so Vickie just started second account. 09162016_cb-28


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The Parking Lot Scene 

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On to Dodge City

Sailing with fair winds on following seas... Captain Blood

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