Cannonball Update Stage 5 “The Bridges”


“ Y O U  M E E T  T H E  N I C E S T  P E O P L E  O N  A N T I Q U E  M O T O R C Y C L E S ”


Antique Motorcycle Club of America / Sunshine Chapter


"The Bridges"

Cape Girardeau, Missouri Mississippi River town turned out to greet the Cannonball Riders as they arrived in the Historic Riverfront street. Bands playing, sponsors, bikers and Tag-alongs all assembled to participate in another Cannonball celebration. The city of Cape Girardeau is a welcoming and gracious city to all riders. Interestedly much to the consternation of Cannonball Officials as the groups is publically promoted there are more “Tag-alongs” joining the group. "Tag-Alongs" The enthusiastic Motorcyclist who celebrate the opportunity to ride along with a once in a life-ime opportunity of the Cannonball Run. Or just plainly stated riding a motorcycle... The problem lies with the incongruence of publicly promoting the event, riding public highways, enjoying the cheering crowds and sponsorship while the Cannonball official position is to discourage the enthusiastic bikers who want to join the group in route in hopes they will just go away. To be real that’s probably not going to happen. Understanding there are real safety issues of mixing 100-year old motorcycles lacking brakes and stability with riders of disc-brake stable motorcycles is real, but the fact is the Cannonball organization cannot have it both ways. If they want to do this run without “interference” of the public then they should not publicly promote the event by seeking sponsors or business to provide lunch stops or dinner events. They should not publicly announce that the run that the Cannonball Run...will be traveling through your cities and towns. Bikers never lacking for a reason to ride for any reason will seek out the opportunity to join in with any group of riders. The Cannonball Run has promoted itself to a major "National Biker Event." It is equivalent to a ROLLING BIKE WEEK of museum quality across the USA. If the Cannonball officials want to keep the enthusiastic bikes away from the group then they should conduct the run quietly without any public knowledge. As it appearances the "Organization Cannonball" desires to be public, have sponsorship, free lunches and cheering crowds. If the “Tag-alongs” are respectful, staying away from the riders, staying in the back, not interfering with the teams and crews as they work into the night then one might ask what’s the problem? Most motorcyclists are not interested in riding their machines on the interstates or major highways that crisscross our free country but choose for motorcycles safety reasons to enjoy a ride on a backcountry road at a leisured pace. In many cases, this places the “Tag-alongs” on the same route as the Cannonball Riders. For myself, as a “Tag-along” I choose to ride away from the riders for my own safety. The Century Old motorcycles cannot stop due to inadequate brakes, are unstable probably they were not built to ride long distance holding 45-50 mph on thin high-pressured "bicycle" tires. Any grove in the pavement or gravel on the road could send a Cannonball motorcycle and rider into a high side or ditch. With this in mind as I have traveled for thousands of miles through many countries, I chose to stay away, leaving my motel late in the morning and riding the best backroad my Goggle Map gives me. I never check the secretly guarded official "Route Sheets" nor do I interfere, stop, repair, touch or assist any Cannonball motorcycle(s). In route I sometimes find myself passing a  Cannonball rider(s). In the encounter, I give wide-space to the rider, getting out of their way. In the evening I walk through the parking lots were the Teams are busy working on their machines. I do not interfere with stupid questions or getting a "photographic in your facial position." I am respectful and polite asking permission to photograph. I find that most riders are tired and concentrating on the job at-hand. I visit with friends on the Cannonball, take some notes and photos for my updates. But I am a "Tag-along." it is a moniker that was given to me by a Cannonball Official. With that being said, my advise to the other "Tag-alongs" make a small footprint be respectful and honor the riders and their machines. They have spent a lot of money, time, blood, sweat and tears preparing their machines. Give them space and stay out their way for safety reasons for both you and the riders. At night, they are busy so do'nt interfere or bother them with questions.

Celebrate their accomplishments and honor the love for antique motorcycles but have fun because it is a

"once in a life-time opportunity."

Bottomline: It is a public highway...

THE TEAMS Team Thor Losers Team Thor Losers are a bunch of guys who pull their own wrenches. At night, Doug, Dave, Jon & Todd are busy maintaining, repairing the Thors to make the morning start. Most are running in the back of the field as the Thor while being a great Century Motorcycle choice has limitations which causes them to be late at the end of the stages. Out of a possible 1071 points
  • 57th  #18 Doug - 570/1071
  • 78th #72 Dan - 159/1071
  • 70th #70 Jon - 297/1071
  • 85th #71 Todd - 63/1071Out of a possible 1071 points
09142016_cannonball-6 09142016_cannonball-9 09142016_cannonball-10 09142016_cannonball-12 09142016_cannonball-20 09142016_cannonball-21 09142016_cannonball-22 09142016_cannonball-24 Thor Losers Support Team The Riders & their Mighty Thors
  • #18 1913 Thor Doug Feinsod
  • #70 1913 Thor Jon Szalay
  • #71 1914 Thor Todd Kraft
  • #78 1013 Thor Dave Kraft "Pirate Eye-Patch Dave"
09142016_cannonball-48 09142016_cannonball-50 09142016_cannonball-55 09142016_cannonball-57 09142016_cannonball-59 Team Gimpel
  • Joe Gimpel Class 1 1914 Thor Single
Points Standing
  • 63rd #8 Joe 500/1071
09142016_cannonball-47 09142016_cannonball-46 Team Alabama Erik Bahl Erik continues his great Cannonball finishing again in the top with a Perfect Score. Erik is his own Support Team so he is the  builder, mechanic and rider. His riding technic is to start then eventually pass all bikes to be...

 "Riding in clear air."

Erik likes to ride by himself or with just one other rider. Today he finished early. Unfortunately, Erik being young will prevent him from earning top honors but he will have the satisfaction of a great Cannonball on his own abilities.

Erik putting his route sheet together

Congratulations to Erik Bahl and Team Alabama

Team RS #58 1911 Reading Standard Norm continues to keep "Steady Freddie" running. Today on a welded cylinder Norm Nelson finished the day on time with another Perfect Score. Team RS work into the night fixing a broken Valve Spring Retainer Pin. Team RS are doing an amazing job with Chris Alley, Jack Wright, Jack Wells and the support of Riding into History. Norm has ridden a Perfect Score everyday until he broke down. Taking one day off, Norm and Team RS put Steady Freddie back together again finishing with another Perfect Day. 09142016_cannonball-39 Norm Nelson and his Team has finished second in the past two Cannonball (1912 & 1914). Due to Norm's ability to maintain his machine while in-route represent him one of the "Special Cannonball Riders."

Congratulations to Norm and Team RS!

Team Wothke
  • Doug Wothke
  • #88 1916 Indian Class III
Doug riding his Cannonball 1916 Indian is currently in 50th Place with 782/1071 points. Doug and his girlfriend are the Team Wothke Support Team. At night he is busy preparing his machine for the next day. Doug is one of the favorites personalities on the Cannonball. Always with a smile, he is approachable and has great travel stories of riding his "Shovelhead" Harley Davidson around the world. He is often seen searching for parts at the AMCA National Meets as he is  a Professional Vendor. Team Wothke is doing well on this year's Cannonball. 09142016_cannonball-61 09142016_cannonball-62 09142016_cannonball-63 09142016_cannonball-60 Parking Lot Activities 09142016_cannonball-6509142016_cannonball-66 Stage 5 Standings (Riders with Perfect Score)
  • 1 - #13 Class I 1914 Harley Davidson Dean Bordigioni
  • 2  - #49 Class II 1912 Henderson Frank Westfall
  • 3 - #32 Class II 1913 Henderson Byrne Bramwell
  • 4 - #5 Class II 1913 Henderson Jeff Tiernan
  • 5  - #56 Class II 1914 Harley Davidson Victor Boocock
  • 6 - #14 Class II 1914 Henderson Vern Acres
  • 7 - #33 Class II 1915 Henderson Andreas Kaindl
  • 8 - #77 Class II 1915 Norton Richard Asprey
  • 9  - #28 Class  II 1915 Sunbeam Kevin Waters
  • 10 - #110 Class II 1916 Triumph Stu Surr
  • 11 - #2 Class III 1915 Harley Davidson Steve DeCosa
  • 12 - # 66 Class III 1915 Harley Davidson Ben Brown
  • 13 - #63 Class III 1915 Harley Davidson Erik Bahl
  • 14 - #11 Class III 1915 Harley Davidson Anthony Rutledge
  • 15 - #41 Class III 1916 Harley Davidson Mike Bell
  • 16 - #115 Class III 1916 Indian Dave Holzerland
  • 17 - 352 Class III 1916 Harley Davidson Doc Hopkins
  • 18 - #99 Class III 1916 Harley Davidson Jon Neuman
  • 19 - #97 Class III 1916 Indian Kevin Naser
  • 20 - #120 Class III 1916 Harley Davidson Dave Minerva
  • 21 - #25 ClassIII 1916 Harley Davidson Scott Byrd
  • 22 - # 7 Class III 1916 Indian Steve Rinker
  • 23 - #37 Class II 1916 Indian Jared Rinker
  • 24 - #29 Class III 1916 Indian Ryan Allen

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